Dawat Catering
Dawat Catering

Mirch Masala Southall


Mirch Masala Southall Catering established in 2008 through ambitions of providing a high class South Asian dining experience to food lovers of the South West. Though often imitated we are the original and bear no relation to any similarly named establishments.


Mirch Masala Southall


In this restaurant we present present Tandoori and Mughal dishes as a sample of the variety of classic South Asian food found across the Indian Sub-continent. We augment this with a series of specially perfected dishes created by our team of long serving chefs who demand only the best.

Mirch Masala Southall


Mirch Masala Southall


Who are we

“We are culinary industry professionals, who are specialised in event management and catering. Our team consists of experienced and dedicated workers.”

What do we produce

“Our product-range comprises of traditional Pakistani, Indian and South Asian food, but we also make special products on request.”

Of what quality

“In addition to the highly skilled staff and quality raw materials, our strict quality-control system guarantees the high quality of our products.”

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Quality is important to us

“Our goal is to delight our customers with every single product of ours. We inspect all our products before they reach our consumers.”

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